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Teethmate F-1 Natural Kit

Teethmate F-1 Natural Kit

SKU: 1760KA
Hey Dental #: PHT421
1 TEETHMATE F-1 - Natural Kit
Our Price $101.99

Teethmate F-1 Natural Kit

Light-Cure Pit and Fissure Sealant

New, single-liquid formulation of TEETHMATE F-1 makes it fast and easy to provide your patients with a great defense against caries. TEETHMATE F-1 light-cure pit & fissure sealant that contains a new proprietary fluoride-releasing polymer plus the proven adhesive monomer MDP (10-Methacryloyloxydecyl dihydrogen phosphate) -- the monomer which has made Panavia and CLEARFIL SE BOND so clinically successful. And because TEETHMATE F-1 is unfilled, it penetrates deeper into pits & fissures, for better long-term sealing and minimal occlusal wear.
Features & Benefits
• High bond strength to enamel
• Long lasting fluoride release with molecular stability
• Easy handling
• Convenient flow control

Kit Contents: 
KA TEETHMATE F-1 (Natural Kit) (Opaque Kit)
• 2 Syringes 2.5ml • 1 K-ETCHANT GEL 6ml • 2 Disposable nozzles (25 pcs.) • 10 Mixing dishes • 2 Disposable nozzle caps (25 pcs.) • 1 Brush holder • 1 Disposable brush tip (white) (50 pcs.)

Refills Contents:
KA TEETHMATE F-1 (Natural) (Opaque)
• 1 Syringe 2.5ml • 1 Disposable nozzle (25 pcs.) • 1 Disposable nozzle cap (25 pcs.)

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